St. Görans motettkor

geloofsgemeenschap: Catharina

Op 29 april 10.30u zal het St. Görans motettkor (St. George’s Motet Choir) o.l.v. Olov Risberg uit Stockholm, Zweden de viering opluisteren in de kathedraal. Het is een gemengd koor met 30 zangers in de leeftijd van 30-75 jaren.

Our conductor since 1990 is Olov Risberg, born 1958, graduated from the Royal College of Music in 1986. During the studies he worked as a choir master in the Catholic Cathedral of Stockholm, and he was a member of the Hymn-book Committee in the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm 1984-1986. Olov Risberg was a member of the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir for many years, and he was on the repertoire committee until 2011. Olov Risberg is also active as a pedagogue. He teaches music theory and aural (sense of hearing the music) training, as well as ensemble singing, at various performing arts schools in Stockholm.